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10 Jun




Raspados La Movida del Original Señor Limon! (yeah long name, so just call them Raspados la Movida) in La Mesa de Otay close to El Tecnologico de Tijuana.

Yeah its one of those blistering hot days where the last thing you want to do is leave the house; except for a cool natural Raspado! If your lucky to have someplace that sells them close by, you know what i’m talking about.




Raspados La Movida has a variety of flavors to choose from and also sells tostilicos, churritoslocos, diablitos, cocos; essentially everything thats cool and refreshing. Prices range from $25-$40 pesos ($2-$4) the smallest size is plenty (the cups in the photos are the smallest size)


Caught her! Hahahaha


Tacos El Compita

9 Jun

Tacos El Compita in La Mesa de Otay

If you happen to be in the area and craving tacos de Birria, El Compita is the place to indulge at. They have been at that location for years and its a favorite spot of the neighbors and those that have introduced to the tacos.

You can order the tacos soft or crispy (i prefer them somewhere in between so that u get the best of both) and they are loaded with tender birria, frijoles de la hoya, cilantro, and onions. Order your self one to begin since they are pretty big and essentially you can get two tacos out of one; dont forget to ask for your “consome” so that u can bite the taco and follow it with a gulp of hot and tasty birria consome. The tacos are great and with the price of $14 pesos(about $1) they’re even tastier.




Mariscos German Beyer

9 May

Mariscos German Beyer is one of the seafood trucks that I have been a fan of for a couple of years. Their portions are generous and affordable, their service is fast, on point and of course their staff is always very nice and attentive; the truck’s surroundings are kept very clean, they even have a recycling bucket next to the trash, which are bonus points with me.

Once you have placed your order, German’s truck gives you a consome rich in flavor served with veggies, bits of fish and shrimp; but don’t forget to add the pickled purple onions that have been marinating with bits of habanero, to ad that little spicy kick. Oh yeah, pay attention to the  “MUCHACHO/ MUCHACHA!” that just means your order is ready.

I began my lunch with a fish taco that will only cost you $1.25 which is average among the seafood trucks, but trust me that fish taco with its crispy outer shell and savory shrimp inside is more than enough when you’ve had their complementary consome to go along. Also try their Salsa de 7 Chiles” (a favorite among the regulars) its a mix of the rich Crema Blanca they use for the tacos but with 7 different chiles…hence the name “Salsa de 7 Chiles”…the salsa has that creamy texture of the crema, smokiness of the roasted chiles, and packs a punch of spiciness mixed with savory goodness.

I asked what their house specialty was and they eagerly said “LA TOSTADA LOCA”, which let me just warn you…bring your stretchy pants for this one. La Tostada Loca costs $8 but it can easily be a $15 tostada, describing this tostada as  big is only an understatement. The tostada consists of ceviche de pescado topped with mussels, oysters, clams, squid, shrimp, scallops, cucumber, tomato, onion, lime and jugo Maggi; and to make it all nice and pretty they add a second tostada (which I believe serves as a containment wall to keep it all in place) two oysters and a mussel in their shells. What more could you want!

This is a tostada you will never forget!

The truck is parked at 3275 Beyer Blvd in the parking lot of The Beyer Liquor Store.